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Hello and thank you for considering to apply to be a part of The Unknowns.
The Unknowns is an undisclosed group. Once the blogs have been chosen, there will never be another change to enter. Entry to The Unknowns is by invite only, the conditions are simple, just reblog this post, no following, no liking required. If you are selected, you will receive an inbox inviting you into the group. There is only one rule in The Unknowns, under no circumstances are you to reveal any information about The Unknowns, this includes who the members are, when promos will be posted, how many members there are, etc. The consequence is simple, a permanent ban from the group.A member of the group can request anything they want, help with polls, reblogs (if same blog type) and all promos. No further information will be released about the group unless you are invited.

Cuz why not. I’m fucking curious, even if this might turn out to be not much more than pretentious nonsense.

well ok.

Kinda interested myself. *jumps on the bandwagon*

Eh, why not

this is a cool thing
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